Study Skills


  • Starts 1 June 2018
  • Duration 6 Weeks
  • Class Duration 18 Hrs
  • Level Intermediate
Course Price: ₹ 2000


After all the school teaching, private coaching, parents' nagging, each student has to study 'on his own'. What exactly does he do? Read, learn-by-heart all question answers? All this to pass the annual examinations? Well, there can be a system for ‘self study’. The children can easily learn some skills & with good guidance from teachers & parents they can master the art of studying not just for passing examinations but for life endeavors. Simple reading should be with full comprehension & writing has to be legible. Memory has to be tried & Listening has to be added to good observation. Very little preperation is needed just prior to the examinations. Students will be least stressed for oral or written tests. They will ask questions & clear doubts. Teachers will be able to teach them & also make them use reference material effectively because 'notes taking is the skill they already know.

What You Will Learn

As a teacher you will know how to make the students listen, speak, read, write & memorize well because each skill is explained in detail. Class-room teaching will become more effective if you follow the same techniques from this course. Your students will enjoy learning.

  • Each Module has Video Lectures accompanied by Activities based on videos.
  • Thoroughly prepared notes for better reference.
  • Assignments at the end of each module.
  • Followed by tests along with easy to share reports.
  • Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of course.

Curriculum For This Course



B.Sc.(Zoology); B.Ed. (Science, Maths) & M.Ed. from Pune University. Worked as a primary & secondary teacher then became a trainer in study skills, creativity & personality development. Worked as a consultant with Jnana Prabodhini, Pune; Development Dimensions International, Pune; & as a trainer-of trainers for Mahindra project. I have trained students & teachers as well as working professionals. I have conducted behavioural assessments for over 6000 workers & junior managers. Conducted aptitude test & career guidance for college students for more than 4 years. Areas of interest are training, guidance & counselling & youth development.